Golf Course Conditions

Wednesday, March 21th, 2018
Please Pair Up In Carts to Help Assist With Traffic Control          
Pin Position #5
Course Delay None
Driving Range Tee Open Grass/Big tee
Practice Greens Open
Cart Rules 90 Degree
Rainfall Last 24 Hours  0.00"
Rainfall Year to Date  4.52"


Greens     Yes     Collars     No                                 
Tees     No     Rough     Yes
Fairways     No     Bunkers     Yes
Approaches     No     Native     No

Greens     No
 Fairways   No
Tees     No     Rough   No

Superintendent's Update

  • Greens:   Are still in pretty good shape for the most part.  Greens speeds will be down a little until we get more cold weather.  It is hard this time of year to be aggressive on speeds.  We can’t lower the mowing heights right now because we want the plant healthy as possible once they go dormant.  We will continue to mow and roll as much as possible to try and maintain around a 10 on the stemp. 
  • Tees: Are in decent shape for this time of year.  We will continue to monitor and move tee locations to eliminate excessive wear.
  • Fairways:  We are moving the mowing heights up for the winter.  From .400” to .650”
  • All other projects include mowing native, weedeating creeks, and continue trimming trees.  In January, we will put out our second pre-emergant application for our winter weed control.
  • Tree trimming went well.  We got over most of the course with the tall lift.  We will work on the lower limbs and down trees in native over the next couple of weeks.
  • We will start phase one of our bunker renovation on Monday the 15th of January.  We are very excited to get this project started.  This project will include removing old sand and liners; reshaping select bunkers (softening the slopes and bring up the bunker bottoms; installing new liners and drainage; and installing some high quality sand that will be much easier to play out of as well as walk out of .  The bunkers that we will be addressing in phase one were chosen by the members of the green committee and myself.

Please avoid walking on any of the new sod for the next several months.  It needs time to establish.  Especially on the slopes.  Thanks for your help.
List of Bunkers to be address in phase one:
Both greenside bunkers #18  completed
Right greenside bunker on #2  completed
Left and right greenside bunkers #6 Completed
Greenside bunker #11 Completed
Greenside bunkers #12 Completed
Front greenside bunker #13 Completed
Back trap #15  completed
Front trap #15 Completed
Front trap on #17 Completed
Back  greenside bunkers #17 completed
Front right greenside bunker #16 completed

Front right #5 in Progress
Front bunker #3 in Progress

Please note this is a total reconstruction of these bunkers.  We are reshaping, shallowing up, and softening slopes to these bunkers.  Please avoid walking on any of these slope until sod is established.




Please continue to aid in traffic control by pairing up in carts.
Please Do Not Drive In Native Areas.

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