Golf Course Conditions

Thursday, December 14th, 2017
Please Pair Up In Carts to Help Assist With Traffic Control          
Pin Position #3
Course Delay No Delay  Tee Times at 8:00
Driving Range Tee Open
Practice Greens Open
Cart Rules 90 degree rule
Rainfall Last 24 Hours  0.00"
Rainfall Year to Date    34.02"


Greens     Yes     Collars     No  
Tees     Yes     Rough     No
Fairways     No     Bunkers     Yes
Approaches     No     Native     No

Greens     No
 Fairways   No
Tees     No     Rough   No

Superintendent's Update

  • Greens:   Are still in pretty good shape for the most part.  Greens speeds will be down a little until we get more cold weather.  It is hard this time of year to be aggressive on speeds.  We can’t lower the mowing heights right now because we want the plant healthy as possible once they go dormant.  We will continue to mow and roll as much as possible to try and maintain around a 10 on the stemp.  The putting green and where you walk onto #16 green is still struggling.  We will be getting some sod from Onion Creek over the next couple of weeks to plug out thin areas, so that we may get back on these areas a little sooner.
  • Tees: #1 tee still is a little thin on the blue tee, but is slowly coming along.  We will over seed the blue tee box on #1 to help give a better teeing surface through the winter.  We will continue to push this areas as well to help it cover before winter. Other tees that will be overseeded will be White tee on #6, all tees on #9, white and blue tees on #11, and White tee on #16
  • Fairways:  We are moving the mowing heights up for the winter.  From .400” to .650”
  • All other projects include mowing native, weedeating creeks, and continue trimming trees.  In December, we will put out our second pre-emergant application for our winter weed control.
  • Tree trimming went well.  We got over most of the course with the tall lift.  We will work on the lower limbs and down trees in native over the next couple of weeks.
  • I am still working with different sand companies trying to come up with the best option for our new bunkers.  I have been to Vacero Club in Fort Worth, Flint Rock in Lakeway this last week, and will be going to UT Club this week to look at their sand to see which will work best for our application.
  • We had a hydrolic leak on the fairway mower this week on #13.  Please avoid driving across this area.



Please continue to aid in traffic control by pairing up in carts.
Please Do Not Drive In Native Areas.

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