Group Fitness

Group Fitness Classes
These classes are open to all Members and are Complimentary

2017 Fitness Schedule

Class Descriptions

Dance Cardio Workout 

Fun, Dance and Fitness is what it's all about. This class is where you can dance, get lost in the music, and express your unique self. Upbeat music and fun dance moves will keep you engaged and excited at every class.


In this class you will get half cardio and half strength. The first 30 minutes you will warm up and continue with a cardiovascular challenge. In the second 30 min you will experience a total body strength workout with a cool down and stretch to follow.

Interval Workout

This is an exercise program in which each session consists of periods of cardio exertion alternating with periods of rest or lighter strength exertion. The intervals can be one or two minute intervals, one minute cardio and then one minute of muscle endurance using lighter weights.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Let your energy flow during this yoga class. The focus will be on your alignment and breathe through a series of standing and seated poses. This is a class for all levels as pose variations will be shown.

Yoga/Pilates Combo

This class combines muscle-sculpting, core firming, and flowing yoga movements. This combination will give you a strong, long, lean beautiful physique.

Cardio and Strength:

This class alternates high-energy intervals of athletic-based cardio with strength training exercises for a full-body workout.

Aqua Fitness

Aqua Fitness- all year around water class for ages 13 and up. Utilizes different levels of weights, noodles and water resistance for an overall body workout.

Core and More

This class incorporates multiple muscle groups. Working your invite body developing a functional core and increasing flexibility . This is a challenging class with continuous cardio and endurance movements  working the entire body  

Strength and Balance

This class is designed for all levels of fitness. Working full body with strength training focus. Using weights, bands, and stability ball.            

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