Golf Course Conditions


tuesDAY, august 14, 2018 

Please pair up in carts to help assist with traffic control.   
Pin Position
Course Delay Closed for Aerification
Driving Range Tee CLOSED
Practice Greens Putting green closed. Chipping Green is still open
Cart Rules 90 Degree
Rainfall Last 24 Hours  0.0"
Rainfall Year to Date 16.63"


Greens Yes Collars No           
Tees No Rough Yes
Fairways No Bunkers No
Approaches No Native No

Greens No
Fairways No
Tees No Rough No

Superintendent's Update as of 8/14/18

  • Greens: Aerification 8/13/18 - 8/14/18.  3/8" diameter and 6.0" depth solid tine on 3.5" spacing.  The surfaces were then topped with a USGA Topdress sand to fill holes.  Circle vertical mow and double roll will help even out the putting surface.  GCM expects to have a 4-6 day recovery while maintaining desired green speeds.  We will still be proactive with bi-monthly vertical cutting on all the putting surfaces to ensure a quick and true ball roll.  Current mow heights (.100) have been lowered on the putting surfaces to help achieve a quicker green speed. 
  • Greens:   Vertical cut 8/13/18.  Putting surfaces were vertical cut, debris removed, mowed, rolled (2X), top dress (minimal), and dragged with cross mat.  This cultivation practice will help alleviate grain and provide a more uniform ball roll.   
  • Tees:  Foliar applications of wetting agent and fertilizer began on 5/30/18 and will continue bimonthly to ensure plant vigor and uniformity.  Current mow height (.500)  
  • Fairways:  Foliar applications of wetting agent, fertilizer, and plant growth regulator began on 6/6/18 and will continue every three weeks to ensure plant vigor and uniformity.  Current mow height (.550).
  • Rough:  Current mow height (1.5"). GCM will continue to monitor cart traffic to alleviate thin spots developing from funnel points when entering and exiting the Fairways. 
  • Bunkers:  Additional sand is needed in the new bunkers and will begin this week.  The GCM staff will maintain a minimum 4" depth at the floor of the bunkers to avoid club contact with new liners.   
  • Driving Range Tees:  Aerification 6/11/18 - 6/12/18.  Pulled a 1/2" diameter and 2.5" depth core on 3.0" spacing.  DRTs were then topped with a USGA Topdress sand to fill holes.  Additional granular fertilizer and gypsum applied will help encourage new growth to evenly fill in holes.
  • Bids for concrete work and material to resurface boards and railings are still being completed.  Project start dates will be announced once all bids have been collected. 
  • Bids for the metal railing similar to #5 lower tees and between #10 green and #11 tees are also coming in.    
  •  Practice Putting Green Project    
  •  Monday, July 5th - Stripping existing TifEagle on the putting green surface.  We will also begin removing the 419 Bermuda (collar cut) where the expansion will begin.  
  •  Monday, July 11th - Shaping of the new expansion and tie-ins will begin and should be completed within the week.  New drain layer and greens mix will be hauled to the site and installed to give the expansion its final shape.  
  •  Monday, July 23rd - Green will be cored out and all drainage removed and prepped for new drain materials and new USGA spec greens mix. 
  •  Monday, July 30th - Installation of new greens irrigation loop with additional green and perimeter heads.  Sprigs can be installed when the loop is completed and new wire paths are live.  Prior to sprigs, we will also be floating out the new green putting surface.

Friendly Reminders

Please continue to aid in traffic control by pairing up in carts. 
Please do not drive in native areas.

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