Golf Course Conditions

Sunday, April 22, 2018
Please Pair Up In Carts to Help Assist With Traffic Control          
Pin Position #5
Course Delay None 
Driving Range Tee Big Tee 
Practice Greens Putting Green Closed , Chipping Green Open and being used as the putting green
Cart Rules 90-degree Rule
Rainfall Last 24 Hours  0.00"
Rainfall Year to Date  7.18"


Greens     Yes     Collars     No                               
Tees     No     Rough     No
Fairways     No     Bunkers     Yes
Approaches     No     Native     No

Greens     No
 Fairways   No
Tees     No     Rough   No

Superintendent's Update as of 4/18/18

  • Greens:   Are still in pretty good shape for the most part.  We will keep Putting Green Closed thru next weekend to help it heal from the traffic and pour transition.  We will Topdress and Fertilize it again this week and continue to baby it to get it back.  Starting next week we will start plugging out thin spots on Putting Green, 14, and 16 greens as well as edge all greens to help keep the encroachment from the collars.      
  • Tees: Are in decent shape for this time of year.  We will continue to monitor and move tee locations to eliminate excessive wear.  We will start to aerify and verticut tees over the next several weeks.  We will also fertilize and topdress them.  Over the next month or so they should really start looking good.
  • Fairways:  Fairways are in good shape for this time of year.  They are still a little thin from the winter dormancy, but should start to green up and thicken up over the next several of weeks.  We will also be aerifying and verticutting fairways to help get rid of some of the thatch and dead material from with winter.  This will create very thin and tight lies over the next month or so, but should thicken back up nicely once night time temps stay in upper 70's to low 80's.
  • Towards the end of April, we will verticut and topdress greens along with some venting where needed. 
  • Tree trimming went well.  We got over most of the course with the tall lift.  We will continue to trim trees and remove dead trees from outer areas as time allows.
  • Stage one of the bunker renovation is complete.  We will continue to monitor sand depths in all bunkers and add where needed.
  • We will also start resurfacing bridges over the next couple of months along with addressing some of the cart paths around the bridges.  This is a much needed project.  Once this starts, we will have to be creative to reroute golf for the day so that we can make repairs to the bridges.  We will try our best to cause as little disruption to play, but there will be some.  Additional information will be provided once this project starts.
  • We will continue to keep the putting closed through next week to give it more time recover from all foot traffic and aerification. The chipping green will be used as the putting green for the next week to give the putting green time to fill in. We will continue any all maintenance practices necessary to ensure a rapid recovery thanks.

This week:
Regular mowing out of course
Edging Cart Paths
Sodding thin areas on collars that are not transitioning from the winter very well. #6, 9, 11, 15, 18, and putting green and chipping area.
Finishing the sand on the new bunkers on #3
Moving sand from practice bunker to our old traps that need sand
Adding our new sand to chipping green bunker
Construction of a new nursery green at the back of the range.

Please avoid walking on any of the new sod for the next several months.  It needs time to establish.  Especially on the slopes.  Thanks for your help.
List of Bunkers to be address in phase one:
Both greenside bunkers #18  completed
Right greenside bunker on #2  completed
Left and right greenside bunkers #6 Completed
Greenside bunker #11 Completed
Greenside bunkers #12 Completed
Front greenside bunker #13 Completed
Back trap #15  completed
Front trap #15 Completed
Front trap on #17 Completed
Back  greenside bunkers #17 completed
Front right greenside bunker #16 completed
Front right #5 in completed
Front bunker complex #3 should be finished this week.
We will also try to get some new sand in the practice bunker over the next couple of weeks.

Please note this is a total reconstruction of these bunkers.  We are reshaping, shallowing up, and softening slopes to these bunkers.  Please avoid walking on any of these slope until sod is established.




Please continue to aid in traffic control by pairing up in carts.
Please Do Not Drive In Native Areas.

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