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Message from the Green Committee 02.13.2019

Wednesday, February 20, 2019 

Please pair up in carts to help assist with traffic control.   
Pin Position #4
Course Delay No Delay
Driving Range Tee
Practice Greens
Putting Green - Closed
Chipping Green - Open
Cart Rules 90 Degree NOTE: CART PATH ONLY ON #1, 13 & 18        
Rainfall Last 24 Hours 0.00"
Rainfall Year to Date 1.17"


Greens Yes Collars No     
Tees Yes Rough No
Fairways No Bunkers Yes
Approaches No Native No

Greens No
Fairways No
Tees No Rough No

Superintendent's Update as of 1/11/19

  • Greens:   Height of cut for the winter golf season will remain at .130.  The TifEagle putting surfaces have held up to the winter first rounds of winter weather .  Light topdressing (dusting) will begin in February to help keep turf canopy temperatures warm and ensure a quicker green-up.  GCM will continue scheduled greens roller and walk behind mowers on the putting surfaces to help maintain desired ball speed as well as true ball roll.    
  • Tees: Height of cut for the winter golf season will remain at .550.  Over-seeded par 3 Tif419 Bermuda will continue to receive light fertility and topdressing to ensure seed emergence and overall turf vigor.  Regular mowing schedule on the over-seeded tees will continue throughout the winter golf season.
  • Fairways: Height of cut for the winter golf season will remain at .650.  The H.O.C. will help with cart traffic throughout the winter and help ensure an ideal green-up next spring.   
  •  Rough: Current mow height (2.0").  GCM will continue to monitor cart traffic to alleviate thin spots developing from funnel points when entering and exiting the Fairways.  Areas near the cart path on #2 and #13 have been roped off.  These areas have been seeded with Fine Fescue.   
  • Bunkers:  All bunkers have been blown out daily since the beginning of the Fall leaf drop.  The increased amount of blowing has created small areas of sand build up outside the bunker edge.  GCM will thoroughly clean these areas to redefine the original bunker edge/lip.  Additional sand will be added to the floors of the new bunkers .  The GCM staff will maintain a minimum 4" depth at the floor of the bunkers to avoid club contact with new liners.   
  • Native Areas: The maintained turf in the native areas will be mowed throughout the winter season on an as needed basis.  GCM will continue clearing areas similar to the clearing done on #5 tees.    
  •  Practice Putting Green Project    
  •  TifEagle putting surface was over-seeded with Poa trivialis @ 6#/M.  The over-seed has established and will be maintained at .150 throughout the winter golf season.  This was done to provide extra warmth and moisture of the winter months acting as a natural blanket for the newly developed TifEagle sprigs.  Light fertility and light topdressing will continue on both the putting green surface and new sod throughout the winter golf season.  First mow height of cut (.250) has been slowly adjusted down to (.150) on the new putting surface.  HOC was adjusted down by .01 increments to ensure a quality cut and avoid any scalp/injury to the newly establish turf.    

Friendly Reminders

Please continue to aid in traffic control by pairing up in carts. 
Please do not drive in native areas.

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