Body Tempering 3 13 2023 Monday, March 13, 2023



Body Tempering 3 13 2023 for Monday, March 13, 2023

Body Tempering


Join Ben Marvin in Body Tempering at Twin Creeks for the month of October. Body Tempering is a form of soft tissue mobilization performed by rolling weighted cylinders across muscles and joints. Book your 30 to 60 minute session directly through Ben today at


What is Body tempering? "Body Tempering (steel rolling) is a training method where a "heavy" weighted roller is applied to the muscles. Body tempering is used to accelerate performance and recovery by countering soft tissue restrictions. Because body tempering is performed with "heavy" weights it is able to influence deeper muscle fibers than methods like foam rolling and percussion guns can. Body tempering, done correctly, is able to influence the nervous system to reduce pain and decrease sympathetic activity (stress response). Body tempering is also able to improve load tolerance of muscle fibers which can help prevent muscle spasms and fatigue.”


Book directly through Ben Marvin to schedule your appointment at Ben is accepting appointments Monday - Saturday. Please contact him directly for more detailed times and questions. Thank you! Body Tempering with Ben | Mondays & Wednesdays from 11 AM to 3 PM

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